How is Zamin different?

Zmiles instead of money

On Zamin, you use the same App to both offer a ride and take a ride. You exchange Zmiles, Zamin’s own currency, instead of money with other carpoolers. You earn Zmiles for every mile you drive, which you can then spend on taking rides.

A community of environmentally conscious car owners

Zamin is built for environmentally conscious car owners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by driving less. Because Zmiles can only be used to exchange rides, every mile you take with your Zmiles is because another single-passenger mile was not driven.

How does Zamin work?

Offer a Ride

Once you have to make a trip in your car, use the Zamin App to offer a ride.

Find a Match

The Zamin App will match you with someone needing a ride along your journey, making sure you won’t have to deviate too much from your own route. You’ll earn Zmiles for giving that ride.

Request a Ride

Next time you have to make a trip, instead of driving yourself, use the same App to request a ride.

Offer a drive

The Zamin App will match you with a driver who will pick you up from your origin and drop you off at your destination. You’ll spend Zmiles for this trip. At the end of your trip, you may rate your experience with your ride as well.

Zamin is convenient and flexible

Book or offer a ride on Zamin in as little as a few minutes before your trip. If you’re taking a ride that day, get picked up from where you are and dropped off at your final destination. If you’re driving that day, get matched with a rider whose starting point and destination is as close to yours. No advance commitments, planning ahead, or predesignated meeting points.

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