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A money-less carpooling platform built for urban commuters, car owners, and sustainable-minded people.

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How is Zamin different?

Unlike conventional carpooling platforms, all Zamin users are car owners. Users exchange Zamin’s in-App currency (Zmiles) instead of money for rides.

Zmile economy for a better environment

On Zamin, riders and drivers don’t exchange money. Instead, they exchange Zamin’s own currency, called Zmiles. You earn Zmiles for every mile you drive. You then spend your Zmiles on taking rides.

A Platform for Environmentally Minded Car-owners

Zamin is built for environmentally minded people who already own a car but want to reduce their carbon footprint by driving less. Because Zmiles can only be used to exchange rides, every mile you take with Zamin is because another single-passenger mile was not driven, reducing the accumulated environmental impact of your rides.

Share rides with members of your own community

Carpoolers on Zamin, unlike other ride-sharing platforms, are members of your community: your neighbors, colleagues, or classmates. They are not providing a service to earn money, but doing a favor that you will later return. Riding with Zamin is a great opportunity to meet new community members, grow your network, and build relationships that may last a lifetime.

Carpooling with Zamin is Convenient and gives you flexibility

Book or offer a ride on Zamin in as little as a few minutes before your trip. There’s no need to make advance commitments or to plan ahead if you don’t want to. Booking a ride with Zamin is as easy as booking a ride with Uber or Lyft.
If you’re taking a ride that day, your ride partner will pick you up from where you are and drop you off at your final destination. If you’re driving that day, the algorithm will match you with a rider whose starting point and destination are as close to yours. There are no predesignated meeting points or rendezvous.

Covering all major locations in Canada🇨🇦

From Ontario to British Columbia

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Zamin is a Community of like-minded peoples, who cares about the planet.

University Students

Classmates makes the perfect team for carpooling! Destination is the same, timing can be matched, and you make new friends.

Landed Immigrants

While everything is new around you, matching with someone who is local can makes a lot of difference.

Urban Dwellers

Driving everyday to work can ba a tedious task. Let’s split this with a community member.

Climate Conscious Commuter

If you’re the one who is aware of one’s carbon footprint, this is the place.

Budget Travelers

There are times when budget will count like CO2 emission counts!

WFH Commuter

If you go to the office occasionally and a fellow work-from-home person, carpooling can be a smart choice.

How does Zamin works?

It's as easy as it can get.

When you register in Zamin carpooling, you’re obliged to provide your car information. Remember, Zamin is designed for carowners.

It takes a little bit of planning.

You can plan your drive or ride ahead as early as a week before. This will create enough time for you and your companion to plan accordingly, finding the best routes for both of you.

This is truly a Reciprocal Experience.

This is what means when you give and take in a community of like-minded peoples. A reciprocation experiment in the modern world.

Modern means of transaction suited for modern world.

Zmiles are the backbone of Zamin’s Carpooling economy. It’s the currency you can spend on your ride, or earn on your drive.

A currency built for reciprocation.

Whenever you find a new ride, you can use your hard-earned Zmiles to compensate for you ride. Driver will be incentivized by Zmiles covering their costs.

Meet Our Innovators: The Entrepreneurs Behind the Vision

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.”

– Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO

Ali Faraji-Rad

Rasam Rostami

Nima Ghaedsharafi

Sepehr MohammadBeygi