Terms & Conditions

Your use and access to the Zamin App (hereafter, “Zamin” or “the App) is subject to the following Terms. If you do not agree to ALL the Terms, you do not have the right to use Zamin in any manner. By using Zamin you automatically attest that you have read the Terms fully and that you fully agree with them all. We reserve the right to change the Terms as we seek to improve the App. If we change these Terms, we will notify you through the App or the contact information that you provide us. If we change the Terms, you will have to fully agree with the new terms to have the right to continue to use Zamin.

⦁ Zamin is created for car owners who seek to create temporary carpools in a reciprocal manner (i.e., taking turns). To be able to use Zamin continuously, you should be willing to drive on some days and take rides on other days. You are not allowed to use Zamin if:
⦁ You are below 18 years old.
⦁ Any local or national laws in the jurisdiction in which you intend to use Zamin prevents you from using it.
⦁ (i) you do not possess a valid and current driver’s license that authorizes you to drive the same type of vehicle that you intend to use on Zamin; (ii) you are medically unfit to drive; (iii) you do not own, or have the legal right to operate, the vehicle that you have registered to use on Zamin; (iv) you intend to use a different vehicle from the one you registered on Zamin; (v) the vehicle you intend to use is not in good operating condition or does not meet the safety standards or all applicable requirements for a vehicle of its kind and satisfies all registration and legal documentation requirements for its use in the jurisdiction in which you intend to use the vehicle; (vi) you do not possess a valid insurance policy that satisfies relevant local and national laws and covers your intended use of the vehicle in the jurisdictions where you intend to use Zamin; (vii) you do not intend to comply with the laws, including traffic laws of the jurisdictions in which you use Zamin (the term 1.c. applies to situations where you intend to drive; however, to be able to use Zamin continuously, you should be able to drive on some days).
⦁ You are intoxicated or are under the influence of drugs.
⦁ You are in the possession of firearms or cold weapons, concealed or open carry, while driving or riding with Zamin.

⦁ To use Zamin you are required to sign up for an account and provide information such as your full legal name, information about your car, a picture of yourself with your full face visible, and your cell phone number and email address. You are not allowed to provide fake or incomplete information in the signup process, or to change your information to fake or incomplete information after signing up.

⦁ By using Zamin you agree that…
⦁ You will be solely responsible for any and all liability which results from or is alleged as a result of the operation of the vehicle you use to commute with Zamin, including, but not limited to personal injuries, death and property damages.
⦁ You will be solely responsible for any and all liability which results from or is alleged result of riding with Zamin, including, but not limited to personal injuries, death and property damages.
⦁ In the event of a motor vehicle accident you will be solely responsible for compliance with any applicable statutory or department of motor vehicles requirements, and for all necessary contacts with your insurance carrier.
⦁ You will obey all laws, including traffic laws, related to the matters set forth herein, and will be solely responsible for any violations of such laws.
⦁ Zmiles exchanged in the App are the only acceptable form of compensation or payment for rides or drives and you will not accept or provide cash payment or any other form of compensation in addition to Zmiles.
⦁ Zamin has sole discretion on how to manage the distribution, allocate, subtraction, or forfeiture of Zmiles to members based on usage and activity.
⦁ On Zamin, you are a community member, volunteering to drive or ride with others for the benefit of yourself, the society, and/or the environment. You are not an independent contractor, employee, or agent of Zamin. You will not make any misrepresentation regarding Zamin or its services or your role in relation to Zamin.
⦁ To improve Zamin community members’ overall safety, at any point in time during the terms of this Agreement, we may obtain information about you, including your criminal and driving records, and you agree to provide any further necessary authorizations to facilitate our access to such records. You will cooperate fully with us in the event that we choose to verify any or all of these requirements.
⦁ It is your decision, with your sole discretion and sole risk, to offer or accept a ride after being matched with another user through Zamin. Zamin is not responsible for any services, transportation or otherwise, voluntarily provided by any user using Zamin.
⦁ Zamin does not guarantee the suitability, safety, eligibility, or ability of drivers or riders. As a user of Zamin, it is solely your responsibility to determine if a driver or rider will meet your needs and expectations. Zamin is not obligated to participate in disputes between you and any other user of Zamin. By using the services, you acknowledge that you may be exposed to situations involving drivers or riders that are potentially unsafe, offensive, harmful to minors, or otherwise objectionable, and that participation with drivers or riders arranged or scheduled using the services is solely at your own risk and judgment. You are solely responsible and bear all risks related to travelling with the individuals matched with you in connection with the services. Zamin shall not have any liability, responsibility, or obligation arising from or in any way related to your use of the services, transactions or relationships with drivers or riders, and/or any rides or trips you take in connection with Zamin.
⦁ You agree to the following informed consent, waiver and release: You hereby release, waive, and forever discharge Zamin from claims, demands, and damages of every kind or nature, known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to any disputes you may have with other users or third parties and/or our damages, injury, death, destruction of property or other losses resulting from your use of the Services, including actions, claims, or demands resulting in whole or in part from the negligence or gross negligence of Zamin, any Affiliated Partner, or their officers, directors, employees, agents, suppliers, and successors. If you are a California resident, you shall and hereby do waive California Civil Code Section 1542, which says: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him or her must have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor.”
⦁ Zamin has a zero tolerance for discrimination. While using Zamin, you will not engage in any activity that could be considered discrimination, including, but not limited to, verbal aggression and discrimination, towards members of different races, sexes, religions, or nationalities.
⦁ To be able to use your acquired Zmiles, your account must be in good standing, that is you must have paid any applicable membership fees, as determined by Zamin.

⦁ If you fail to fully comply with the Terms above, we may temporarily or permanently take the following actions against you: deactivate your account, ban you from opening new accounts, forfeit any Zmiles that you have accumulated, and/or penalize you with any Zmiles that you may have accumulated. You accept that the determination of your compliance with the terms above lies fully and only on Zamin.