Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term “Zamin” mean?

“Zamin” means planet earth in Farsi. It is how Rumi would refer to our planet in his mother tongue.

How do I earn Zmiles?

As a general principle, you earn Zmiles only by providing a benefit to other Zamin members. That is, either by giving rides to other members of the community or helping expand the community (e.g., referring your friends), and thus increasing the likelihood that users would find matches.

Can I buy Zmiles with money or convert my Zmiles to money?

No. The premise of Zamin is “you take what you share.” You cannot earn Zmiles without providing a benefit to other Zamin users. Furthermore, Zamin is built for car owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint by driving less. By making Zmiles non-purchasable with money, we ensure that every mile you take with Zamin is because another single-passenger mile was not driven, reducing the accumulated environmental impact of Zamin users’ rides.

Can I transfer my Zmiles to another user?

No. We do not allow transfer of Zmiles to ensure that they will not be traded for money (see above).

What if I want to join Zamin to only drive or only to take rides?

Zamin is built for car owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint by driving less. To be able to use Zamin, you should own a car and be willing to drive some days and ride other days.

Can I use Zamin if I don’t own a car?

To be able to use Zamin, you should own a car. Please also see above.

How much does it cost me to join Zamin?

Currently, there is no fee for using the Zamin.

Do my Zmiles expire?

As long as you do not delete your account, your Zmiles will not expire.

In what cities does Zamin operate?

You may use Zamin’s beta version anywhere in the world. However, given that the monthly membership fee is waived in the beta version, we do not have the resources to provide customer support or user identity verification in this version.

What if I cannot find a match for a ride/drive I post?

Although we are putting every effort to expand the Zamin community as fast as possible, it is possible that some rides will not get matched in the beta version. In such a case, please consider helping expand the Zamin community in your area by referring your friends. We have developed a referral program for this purpose as well. You will specially increase your chances for finding matches if you refer potential users who ordinarily take the same routes as you do.

How does the Zamin App calculate the cost/reward for a ride?

The App calculates the cost/reward based on multiple factors including the distance and traffic to a destination and availability of riders and drivers. Drivers are additionally rewarded Zmiles for the detour they make to pick up a rider. The detour is not counted in the rider’s cost.

What happens if I cancel a ride?

If you cancel before a match is found, you will not be penalized. If you have already been matched, you will be penalized (in Zmiles) for cancellation. The App will inform you of the penalty before confirming the cancellation.

What if I’m not satisfied with a rider or driver?

In the App, you will be able to rate your ride or drive based on your experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that your driver on Zamin is not a service provider (as in other taxi-like, ride-sharing platform). Your driver in Zamin is a member of the same community that you are a member of. While you are a rider and they drive that day, these roles will change in the next days. Please treat your driver (or rider) the way you would treat a fellow colleague or friend who is doing you a favor and giving you a ride (or riding in your car).

How do I communicate with my rider or driver before they arrive?

Once you are matched, you will be able to call or text your driver or rider on their mobile phone. Please consider using this feature to communicate with them regarding the ride.

How do I report a glitch in the app or provide feedback?

Please do so using [email protected]. We highly appreciate your feedback.